About Me




Charlie Chacha is a personal finance blog about Dividend, here provide everything you need to know about dividend investment. Why dividend is necessary, because you can’t find another way to make money until you sleep.  

I wish to educate my reader about dividend investment in order to achieve financial independence and besides investment.

When you gradually approach the aim for financial independence, you might know it’s not the end , but the means to have better life.  I want to share practical knowledge, which is different from theoretical. Normally we learn from high schools or universities is theoretical knowledge, which is nearly worthless without practice. This is one of the greatest weaknesses of modern higher education. There are so much things we can learn Online as standing on the shoulders of giants, but nobody tell you why giants thought like that, why is more important than what. I will try my best to tell you this.    

I really happy to share what I am thinking , and surprise to write something in English. Some years ago, I thought that studying grammar is the first step to write , but I recognize that practical is more important  than theory now. Practice makes perfect. I believe that tomorrow will be better .

If you have any questions about investment, or learning. Please let me know. Look forward to your contact. 


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